Rio Craft Raft - Madison

Rio Craft Raft - Madison

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Sleek and purpose-built, The Madison is the fisherman's dream come true. With a diminishing tube design and a keen eye for detail, it's crafted for snag-free, pure angling enjoyment. The side-located valves and minimal D Rings help ensure your line stays snag-free, while the Drop Stitch floor gives you solid footing for perfect casts. It's more than a raft; it's your fishy companion. Easy to row, great for viewing, and built specifically for those serious about the take.


  • Diminishing tube design for low-profile floating

  • Super-strong material on tubes and bottom chafe - unmatched durability

  • Welded seams for added durability and longevity

  • Exclusive Drop-stitch floor for supreme stability

  • Designed without thwart attachments, because who needs them on a fishing rig??

  • Horseshoe shaped chafe strip for rear fishing seat


  • Strategically placed D-rings for an unobstructed fishing experience

  • Inverted D-ring/handle combo on the front for easier winching and zero line snagging

  • Minimal D-rings on the outside to ensure no line entanglements during fishing

  • Heavy-duty D-rings for reliable rigging

  • Valves located on the sides, preventing line snags

  • Heavy-duty, non-clumsy handles for better handling