• Jeff Gray

September 4th Fishing Report

It's Labor Day weekend, which is the unofficial start of our fall fishing season. Hunting season has begun in Montana, the nights are getting longer and the fish are getting hungry. All good signs if you're an angler fishing one of Montana's premiere streams. For the Bitterroot River, we are seeing lots of Trico action in the am, followed by explosive ant and hopper fishing in the afternoon. It doesn't get much better. Fall is my favorite time to fish the river and for those who've experienced it, you know why. It's a dry fly paradise. You could be using a number of different dry fly patterns on any given day; October Caddis, Hecuba, Mahogany Dun, BWO, Trico, Ants and Hoppers, just to name a few. A tungsten beadhead nymph, worm or stonefly nymph hanging off the back of your larger dry fly will double your chances. Get out an enjoy the fall fishing on the Bitterroot, you won't be disappointed!

Current River Flows:

West Fork of the Bitterroot: 305 CFS

Bitterroot River Near Darby: 420 CFS

Bitterroot River Near Bell Crossing: 340 CFS

Bitterroot River Near Missoula: 618 CFS

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