• Jeff Gray

March 4th Fishing Report

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Fishing on the Bitterroot River has been very productive lately. Good morning folks, Jeff Gray here with your March 4th Fishing Report for the Bitterroot River. With the warm weather we've been experiencing over the past few weeks anglers have had an early start to their season. A nice surprise after last years brutal weather that kept us off the river til late March. It's is mostly a nymphing or streamer game on the Bitterroot right now. Most anglers are having the most success throwing a double nymph rig consisting of a Stonefly Nymph, like a Pat's Stone, a SJ Worm, pink seems to be the color, or a small Midge type nymph, such as a Pheasant Tail or Jig Nymph. Really the trick is to get your bugs down in front of the fish. The water temps are still running cold, in the mid 30's, so the fish are not moving far to eat. If your fishing streamers make sure to slooooow down your retrieve and find the warmer pockets in the back eddys and slower water where the fish might be more responsive. Also be on the look out for "Midging" fish. We came across a few pods of rising fish last week and were able to take several fish on a Midge Dry fly. A nice surprise. Be safe on the water, we'll see you out there.

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