• Jeff Gray

July 15th Fishing Report

Now Open at 6am, 7 Days a Week!

We are waist deep in the season right now. Middle of July is one of our busiest times of year here in the Bitterroot Valley and for good reason, the dry fly fishing is outstanding! Anglers have found the best success using PMD type patterns in the morning, such as The Brindle Chute, Purple Haze or Parachute Adams, all in the size range of #12-#16. The afternoons have been good with Golden Stones, Hoppers and Ant patterns. Pick your favorite one, some of our favorites are More-or-Less Hopper in Pink or Purple in sizes #10-#12, Plan B in Tan or Brown in sizes #12-#14 or Two Tone Parachute Ant in sizes #14-#16.

Floaters Beware! As the water levels have dropped some obstacles have become very apparent. Portaging around a downed tree, or around an obstruction is always a possibility on the river. When in doubt scout it out. Please check daily for any known issues

Current Water Levels:

West Fork of the Bitterroot near Conner: 256 CFS

Bitterroot River Near Darby: 500 CFS

Bitterroot River Near Bell Crossing: 423 CFS

With the warm days and lower than average water levels, we are asking you to keep an eye on the water temps. Please use a thermometer to measure the water temps and if they are above 68 degrees, please STOP fishing! We see a significant increase in trout mortality above this number. Our guided trips have been focusing their time on the water during the cooler parts of the day and are finishing early to protect our resource. We ask you to do the same. The trout will surely be thankful.

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