• Jeff Gray

Fishing Report 6/25/2021

Good afternoon from the Dry Fly Capital of the country. It's always fun to write a report when there's so much activity happening on the river. Our daily hatch activity includes PMD's, Green Drakes, Grey Drakes, Golden Stones of all variety and still a few big Salmon Flies left over. Our guides have been having great success throwing a single dry most of the day. If you must, a dropper off your big dry, will keep you busy most of the day. As the flows continue to drop and water temps warm up, be cautious handling fish, it will be even more critical to keep you fish in the water while handling them. If you notice the temps are in the upper 60's, call it a day and give them a break.

Current Flows for the Bitterroot River Drainage:

West Fork: 252CFS

Near Darby: 1230CFS

Near Bell Crossing: 3540CFS

Must have flies for your fly box for the next week or so should include:

#12-16 Purplhaze or Brindlechute

#8-14 Anorexic Chubby - Purple, Golden or Tan

#12-14 Plan B Golden, Tan or Original

#14-16 Flashback Tung Bead Jig PT

#14-16 Perdigon

#10 Pink SJ Worm

#8-12 Rubberleg

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