• Jeff Gray

August 27th Fishing Report

Hoot owl has been lifted from all waters in Wester Montana. This is great news for anglers. The recent cooling trend and rain has reduced our water temps to a "safer" level. This is great news for the anglers and even better news for the trout. Fall fishing is quickly on its way. Blizzard trico balls, hecubas and even a few Mahogany Duns have all been producing as of lately. Don't overlook the hopper and Ant program either, these cooler overnight temps have the hopper more lethargic and more likely to end up in the water. We are finding fish in many different water types right now. Slow insides, fast riffles and tail outs have all been holding fish. The key is to present your fly with long drag free drift. Good luck out on the water!

Here is a quick list of flies you should have in your box if you head out to the Bitterroot today:

  • Size 10-14 Hopper patterns

  • Size 6-10 Nocturnal Golden Stones

  • Size 14-18 Parachute Ants

  • Size 12-14 Plan B's (various colors)

  • Size 20-22 Trico Patterns

  • Size 10-16 Parachute Patterns

  • Size 18-20 BWO Patterns

Current River Flows:

  • West Fork of the Bitterroot: 331 CFS

  • Bitterroot River near Darby: 460 CFS

  • Bitterroot River Near Bell Crossing: 392 CFS

The Fly Shop is open every day at 7am. Stop by, grab a handful of bugs, or just say hi! See ya on the water!

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