• Collin Hohman

6/3/21 Fishing Report

Greetings from the fly shop, on a warm Thursday afternoon, we are days away from the full swing of the heart of the fly fishing season in Western Montana. Daily we are seeing more and more boats and guides frequent our shop. The excitement is in the air, though warm temps this week made the water bump there is still fishing is to be had.

In my floats the past week most of our fish numbers came from fishing nymphs. We have spent a lot of time throwing goldens, caddis, and even salmon fly patterns on top but dry fly's have not been super effective yet. If you commit to it surely you will run into some fish in some slower foam lines or pockets. With the current water levels for the next few days into the weekend I would stick to fishing upper river or your favorite braids and side channels, the West Fork is technical with a variety of sunken debris but with an experienced oarsmen it is worth heading that direction. Floating this time of year is an important time to take note of possible obstacles that will emerge throughout the season as water levels fall.

Another fishing option is some of the creeks around town, if you want to get out for an active fishing venture and hike that is a great option as the river levels slowly fall. The creeks are clearing up and it would be a great opportunity for some technical fishing before the main stem is to good fishing levels.

Fishing wise I would start off with a dry dropper rig to see if anything is going on top, then either cut the dropper due to some action on top or switch to a double nymph rig to double chances below. Any stonefly nymph would be a great call with the salmon fly hatch approaching. Prince, pheasant tails, rubber legs, and worms are a good call until the water clears up a bit and levels go down. The time to throw dry's consistently is almost here! Stop on in to chat, looking forward to seeing you all out on the river! Cheers.

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