• Collin Hohman

5/2/2021 Fishing Report

Happy Monday from Hamilton, Montana. As we have entered the month of May it is without surprise the snowmelt from the mountains is making its way into the Bitterroot, and the river continues to rise daily and is beginning to grow muddy and high. The flows at Darby this morning were 2970 CFS and 7090 CFS at Bell Crossing. Be patient and let nature takes its course, its tough to not be out fishing with this beautiful weather, but if your schedule permits head over to the Missouri to get your fishing fix in. The tributaries and Georgetown lake open the 3rd Saturday of May so there are two more viable fishing options opening soon.

If you do however get the urge to go throw some cast in the water your best bet is side channels, eddies, or soft water ideally when water levels stabilize for a day or two. Fish want to get out of the main current and expel minimal energy during the pushy currents from the snowmelt. Your best bet is to throw a streamer or set up a nymph rig with a big rubber legs and a big vibrant worm. I floated for the final time this spring on Saturday and Sunday, we were able to pick up a few fish on size 4 black and coffee rubber legs and a size 10 worminater.

We would advise to stay clear from floating the Bitterroot for a few weeks with the flows climbing daily, it is only a matter of days until woody debris gets blown out and entire trees begin to float down the river. Your best efforts would be toward tying bugs and getting rods, reels, and boats ready for the months of great dry fly fishing that lay ahead. Be patient and let nature takes its course on the river.

Stop in the shop to chat, our guides and shop staff will surely be chomping at the bit for the busy season to make its presence in the valley once again, have a great week!

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