• Collin Hohman

4/23/21 Fishing Report

Updated: May 1

Good Afternoon from the Fly Shop on this wonderful Friday. As we look ahead into next week the final stretch of fishing before run-off, we see some promising conditions in which should enable anglers to be able to get their final fix of dry fly fishing for the spring.

Many of our guides and shop employees have been out daily reporting back to what the fish are doing and how the river is fishing. As far as Skwala’s go they are still around just not in the numbers we saw weeks ago. On my floats I have still been seeing more Nemoura’s than Skwala’s, not a bad idea to fish a smaller/skinner Skwala patterns to mimic the Nemoura’s and Skwala’s still around.

The most evident bug activity I have seen in this past week has been March Browns, there have been pockets of water on each float holding a good number of rising fish on March Browns, target the soft water near the main current. Every pod we saw on this past week floats we tried to spend time on to get some fish on top. The patterns that have been working best for March Browns are Brindle Chute, Purple Haze, and any may fly dry alike.

For Skwala’s and Nemoura’s I have been using peacock Plan B’s, it might be worth going small like size 14 but any Plan B should suffice. Also flies like Dancing Ricky, Rastaman, and or a Bullet Head Skwala pattern will work, stick with sizes 12-14.

We have spent majority of our time throwing dries but as always you will get into fish nymphing, on stone fly nymphs, Perdigons, Rubber Legs, and nymphs alike. If you put on or get out early not a bad idea to nymph or throw a dry dropper rig, but as the temperature warms up throughout the day I would transition to focusing on top. With rain in the forecast for this weekend streamer fishing also would not be a bad option.

Enjoy the final days of fishable water for a few weeks, stop on in the shop to stock up on bugs and load up on fly tying materials for the long month of May. Good Luck this weekend. Cheers!

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