• Collin Hohman

4/13/21 Fishing Report

Good Morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. Spring is here and our guides and shop have been busy welcoming the arrival of the new fishing season. Skwala’s, Nemoura’s, Blue Wings, and March Browns have all been spotted throughout the various sections of the Bitterroot River.

Dry Fly action has been rewarding during the warm parts of the day when the sun can emerge from the clouds. Our best luck has come in mid to late afternoon. Give the water time to warm up and the fish to get active.

From my floats this past week I started the day running a double nymph rig or dry dropper rig and as the day warmed up I switched to dries only. As far as nymphs go any stonefly nymph, Rubber Legs, San Juan, Perdigon, and green machine nymphs have been working.

You cannot go wrong with any variation of Skwala patterns, our favorites are the Plan B, Anorexic Chubby, Rastaman Skwala, and Dancing Ricky. Its hard to shy away from Skwala’s but mayflies are definitely present out there as well, I would recommend giving them a try if the bite on Skwala is slow. A smaller purple haze or brindle shoot would be a good go to, to try and get some mayfly eats.

The rest of this week looks promising as temperatures are gradually going up. Get out there while you can before run off gets going in full swing. As always be careful out there and enjoy the week ahead. We are stocked up on Skwala patterns and some of the hot nymphs. Stop in and say hello. Good Luck out there!!

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