• Jeff Gray

3/25/20 Bitterroot River Report

Covid-19 cases continue to increase and fish on the Bitterroot River are chowing skwalas like cotton candy. Good evening folks, Jeff Gray here with your fishing update for the Bitterroot River. It seems like you cant turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper or have a conversation with someone with out discussing the recent pandemic caused by Covid-19. I can assure you our guides and staff are following all recommendations given by the CDC and local enforcement agencies to protect you and us from this crazy virus. At this point our shop is still open 7 days a week, 8:30a - 6:00p. Phone orders, email orders and DM's are all welcome. We ask that anyone feeling ill or showing any signs of sickness to please follow the guidelines given by the CDC.

Now for the good news. The skwala hatch has officially begun on the Bitterroot River and the fish have been responding quite well to the new found food source. Given the amount of traffic we've seen on the river over the past week, I don't think this is a big secret. For those outside of the area, or are unable to make it to your favorite fishing location, let me assure you someone else has already been there and probably catching fish....on dry flies. The weather forecast is VERY favorable for the fishing to continue, with the expectation of catching several nice fish during your outing and not tie on anything other than your favorite skwala pattern. My favorites are the Purple or Peacock Anorexic Chubby pattern in a size #10 or #12. You can find our bins stuffed full of lots of different patterns that work, these just seem to fool a few more trout than some of the others. Another one you might want to have handy is the Plan B in a size #12 or #14. We have these in several different custom colors but purple, olive and original are my favorites. Ok, OK if you must go underneath; worms, 20 inchers, rubberlegs or tung beads will be your best bet. Hang em off a big dry 2'-3' and cut em off after you've had a few eats on top. This will save the fish from being fowl hooked and improve your casting ability. We've been finding fish in likely holding water, not too fast, and also some of the "off" water areas as well. The fish are really spread out, if it looks "fishy" it probably is. Give us a call, stop by the shop or send us a DM if you need help or want to talk fishing. Best of luck out on the water and stay safe.

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