• Collin Hohman

3/16/2021 Fishing Report

Updated: Mar 16

Happy Tuesday! Its with excitement that I write this fishing report as we begin the 2021 fly fishing season. Daily I am seeing more and more boats frequent route 93 and with good reason, this past weekend was a great warm welcoming to the sunny spring weather that surely lies ahead.

As far as fishing goes this past week produced good numbers of fish on nymphs and we began to see some dry fly opportunity on rising fish, rising to eat midges. As far as nymphs go this past weekend on the water we had good luck on most stonefly nymphs, pats rubber legs, perdigon, and green machine nymphs. One split shot at the most when fishing some of the deeper runs. Most of our fish were concentrated in the deeper runs holding in the slower water. If you hook into a fish make the effort to get a few more drifts through the hole, when we caught one it was pretty consistent, we caught a few.

Also don’t get complacent with fishing the same fly all day, every 20-30 minutes with minimal hits I would switch it up, it’s a great opportunity to learn the river better and catch more fish.

Skwalas should be hatching within the next week or two with hopes of water temps rising to 43 degrees. We are days away from being able to throw dry flies consistently. Be patient and in the meantime get out there and try to nymph up some fish. Majority of the fish we hooked into were hot and more than ready to get into your reel. We are now open 7 days a week. Stop in and stock up on nymphs and Skwalas as we begin our arrival into the 2021 season. Good luck out there this week, enjoy the weather!

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