• Jeff Gray

Fishing Report 7/31/19

Fishing on the Bitterroot River and surrounding streams should continue to be fantastic for the foreseeable future. Hoppers, Ants, Beetles and Attractor patterns have been producing some great fishing throughout the day. The USGS guaging station located below Painted Rocks Reservoir on the West Fork of the Bitterroot is currently reading 325 CFS and the Darby USGS guaging station located near Hannon Memorial fishing access site on the upper Bitterroot is reading 547 CFS while Bell Crossing Guaging Station downstream of Hamilton is reading 391 CFS. The upper river and West Fork have been seeing the most traffic both with wade anglers and floaters for good reason, the fishing has been very consistent. Look for the fish to be holding in the mid lanes and tight to the banks in walking speed water. Give your bug a little twitch to entice the most stubborn fish. The water temps are starting to creep up into the danger zone particularly on the mid to lower river, please play the fish fast and handle them with care.


1. #8-14 Purple Chubby

2. #10-14 Moorish Hopper

3. #10-12 Pink Plan B

4. #10-12 Pink Water Walker

5. #12-16 Purple Haze

6. #14-16 Parachute Ant

7. #12-14 Spruce Moth

8. #14-16 Hot Spot Beetle

9. #12-16 Brindlechute

10. #14-16 Wine Sparklechute

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