• Jeff Gray

June 6th Fishing Report

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It's that time of year...SALMON FLY time! The beginning of June is an exciting time of year on the Freestone Rivers of Western Montana. The anticipation of Pteronarcys Californica AKA The Salmon Fly hatch. This hatch is not always the most reliable or the easiest to "hit" just right, but if you do you'll remember it forever. So far there have been very few sightings of these creatures, but there have been a few spotted. Fishing on the Bitterroot has been decent, but mostly a nymphing game. Using a nymph rig consisting of a shallower depth (3'-5') to target the fish laying near the bank eating migrating stone fly nymphs. A dry/dropper set up has also been a popular technique to entice the big boys to eat on top. The current flows coming out of Painted Rocks dam is currently 1050 CFS. A bit high but still at a fishable level for the experienced oarsman. Be very CAREFUL though as there have been reports of downed trees and sneaky side channels that must be used to avoid dangerous areas. Over the next 5-7 days I look for the Dry Fly Fishing to drastically improve. Look for the slow edges and mid river pockets to toss your large orange offering. It's DRY FLY season in Western Montana! We have a HUGE selection of Salmon Flies!

Hot Flies:

#8-10 San Juan Worms

#10-14 Prince Nymph

#4-8 Blk/Coffee Rubbelegs

#4-6 Salmon Fly Imitations

#6 Sparkle Minnows

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