• Jeff Gray

Bitterroot River Fishing Report 4/27/2019

This just might be the spring that keeps on giving. Seldom do we have much fishing on the main Bitterroot River the last week of April, but we do this year. Currently the flows on the upper Bitterroot are at 2370 CFS and Dropping. With the cold front we have moving in over the weekend this dropping trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Wade fishing at this level is difficult at best but fishing from a craft is ideal. Look for the side channels and the soft water or seams in the main river to hold most of the fish. Your best bet for right now is throwing an indicator with a large stone fly nymph as your point fly and drop a smaller bug off the back, either a San Juan worm, prince, PT or take your pick on your favorite nymph. The trick is getting it in front of their face. There are some dry fly opportunities out there as well. Skwala, Numora and March Browns are still around and the dry or die guy can still have some success, but it has been limited over the past couple days. This may change however with the dropping flows. The water is pretty "pushy" at these flows so be cautious out there. Most of the wood is covered with water or has moved so no major obstacles but still plenty of sweepers to get the lazy rowers. Stop by the shop for the latest intel on fishing the Bitterroot, we're open 7 days a week @ 9am.


1. #4-10 Black/Coffee Rubberleg

2. #8-10 San Juan Worm - Red, Pink or Orange

3. #12-16 Tung Bead Jig Prince or PT

4. #8-12 Anorexic Chubby in Peacock or Purple

5. #14-16 Wine Sparklechute

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