• Jeff Gray

Bitterroot Fishing Report 4/16/19

Dry Fly Fishing has returned to the Bitterroot River! The flows have dropped significantly over the past few days and the river is currently stable. The USGS flow chart at Darby is currently reading 920 CFS; perfect dry fly conditions exist on the entire river. The Skwala fishing has been very consistent and the May fly program is starting to heat up as well. Look for the fish to be holding in the softer water along the edges in the mornings and early afternoon, once the water warms up through out the day you'll see more and more fish out in the foam feeding lanes. The upcoming forecast is looking favorable for fishing over the next week. If you need up the the minute suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact the shop. We'll be here everyday for you.


1. #8-12 Peacock or Purple Anorexic Chubby

2. #12-14 Purple Plan B

3. #10-12 Rastaman Skwala

4. #12-16 Purple or Copper Haze

5. #14-16 Brindlechute

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