• Jeff Gray

Fishing Report 4/12/19

Good News! The river has dropped significantly and the fishing has been improving every day. We're starting to see some dry fly activity and I suspect over the course of the next few days we'll be back to great dry fly fishing. If you must catch fish, a nymph rig consisting of rubberlegs, worms and pt's will keep your rod bent most of the day. Your indicator should be set at about 4-6 feet above your first fly. We have not heard of any issues or obstacles that prevent you from floating any section of the Bitterroot. With that being said, be cautious and scout when ever you're unsure of your route. Be safe on the water.

Stop by the shop on your way to the stream and get the latest intel on the river conditions, we're open every day at 9am.


1. #6-12 Rubberlegs in Blk/Coffee or Tan/Coffee

2. #10 Red or Pink San Juan Worm

3. #14-18 Tung Bead Pheasant Tail

4. #8-12 Peacock Anorexic Chubby

5. #8-12 Bullet Head Skwala

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