• Jeff Gray

Fishing Report 3/29/2019

A lot of information to give up in this report. Lets start with the boat ramp situation on the Bitterroot River. All of the Boat ramps are relatively Ice free with the exception of Anglers Roost and Veterans Bridge. Anglers has about a 3 ft drop off to the water so putting in or taking out just takes a little extra effort. Veterans Bridge has been dug out by hand so the slide down to the water is pretty simple. All other ramps are clear and no issues.

There have been a few issues on the river and some new trees have fallen, but for the most part the river is free from obstructions and floating is easyish. Don't forget though the Bitterroot River claims atleast 1 boater each year, so please be cautious out there. You don't want to become a statistic. Please if you hear of any major issues or concerns please let us know here at the shop so we can pass on the information.

Now for the fun part....The fishing! Right now we're not seeing a lot of bugs and at this point the fish have not responded well to most dry flies. Yes, you can get em to eat on top but not with any regularity. Your best bet is to fish a nymph rig or a really long dropper off your dry fly. The flows have stabilized which may improve our top water action, we'll wait and see. Your nymph rig should be rigged up with an indicator on top and your first bug down 4'-6' below your indicator and 18"-24" to your second bug. Look for slower deeper water and make sure to fish the tail outs, a lot of fish are hanging out at the bottom of the runs.

Your top 5 patterns to have in your box over the weekend will be:

1. #8-12 Blk/Coffee Rubberlegs

2. #10 Tungsten Pink Rubber Worms

3. #14-18 Tung Jig Pheasant Tail

4. #14-16 Tung Jig Hare's Ear

5. #10-12 Skwala Nymph

Be safe out on the water!

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