• Jeff Gray

October 28th River Report

October was certainly a month to remember here in the Bitterroot Valley. The fall hatches have been on point for most of the month and the great fishing will continue into November. A bonus is that the river is almost non existent of other anglers. With a wet forecast for the foreseeable future the BWO will dominate the dry fly fishing. Look for subtle rise forms to be the largest trout. A well presented BWO emerger will usually get the eat. Long dead drifts are the name of the game for fall fishing. The fish have seen a few "fake" flies so they'll be a bit picky and spooky. If all else fails throw your favorite streamer pattern as long as it is either olive or yellow/brown in the coloration. The shop will be open Monday - Saturday at 9:00 a.m. until the weather turns to snow.

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