• Jeff Gray

Bitterroot River Report 9/15/18

Has Fall Fishing really began on the Bitterroot River? The answer to this question is easy... YES! We are seeing our fall hatches take shape as we speak. You'll have a smorgasbord of bugs out there right now, including Mahoganies, BWO's, Hecuba's, October Caddis and Terrestrials still in the mix. The streamer game is starting to pick up steam as well. Anything in the Olive or Yellow/Brown will be a good starting point. The entire river is fishing well, so it's spread the boat traffic out. Make sure to bring your "A" game as the fish are starting to get a bit picky. Good, long, drag free drifts will pay off big time. Look for the fish to really start feeding heavy over the next 6 weeks or so. Get out while you can!


#12-16 Brindlechute

#12-20 Purple Haze

#14-16 CDC Mahogany

#10-12 Morrish Hopper

#10-14 October Caddis

#10-14 Chubby Chernobyl

#14-16 Tung PT

#14-16 Tung Brush Hog

#14-16 Tung Red Butt Jig

#8-12 Blk/Coffee Rubber Leg

#10 Tung Pink Squirmy Wormy

#4-6 Sparkle Minnow

#6 Olive Skully Bugger

#6 Kreelex

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