• Jeff Gray

August 1st River Report

The Bitterroot River is flowing steady and fishing well. Mornings and evenings are fishing the best because of the warmer weather, but don't be afraid to throw a dry dropper during mid-day.

It's been open sky's and sunny, so wear your sun gear. Westfork is fishing Spruce Moths in the morning and hoppers in the afternoon. Eastfork is fishing well with any hopper, ants, or beetles. The main Bitterroot is fishing well with plan b, hoppers, or any caddis.


DRY FLIES: #10-12 Plan B Pink,Purple,Tan

#12-14 Spruce Moth - only on the West Fork

#12-14 Black and Tan Chernobyl

#8-10 Golden Chubby Chernobyl

#10-14 Panty Dropper Hopper

#14-16 Ants and Beetles

#10-14 Brindlechute

#10-14 Purple Haze

NYMPHS: #10 Pink Gummy Worms

#8-10 Black and Coffee Rubber Legs

#14-16 Tung. Brush Hog

#14-16 Tung. Jig Assassin

#14 PMD Redemption

STREAMERS: #4 Sparkle Minnow

#4 Skully Bugger

#10 Mini Mouse

River Danger:

East Fork of the Bitterroot

1. Tree across entire river channel just below Rocky Knob Restaurant. Sliding over the log is possible.

2. Tree across entire river channel near Smokin Pub Restaurant. Portage is difficult.

West Fork of the Bitterroot:

1. Tree blocking entire river channel below Rombo campground, near Buck Creek portage is on the left and is somewhat difficult

2. A tree blocking part of the river channel just up stream of the access commonly know as Marty’s Bridge. Stay river right- the slot is VERY narrow. Portage would be difficult.

Main Bitterroot:

1. A pile of logs near the center of the main river channel between Darby bridge and Wally Crawford below the access commonly known as Lone Pine. Stay River Left

2. Approximately 1.5 miles below the Anglers Roost launch the river separates into 2 channels. The Left channel has many logs blocking the entire river channel making portage very difficult. The Right channel has a log in the center of the channel appx .5 miles after the split. River left is open but may require a small portage.

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