• Jeff Gray

4/14/18 Bitterroot Fishing Report

The Bitterroot Fishing Report is brought to you straight from from the river by our many talented river guides. The past week has seen some very good dry fly fishing particularly in the afternoons. The Skwalas are coming off in big numbers and there is a lot of fish looking for them. We had a small bump in the flows mid week but it didn’t slow the fishing down much. We are starting to see big numbers of the March Browns and BWOs out as well and the fish are starting to key on them. Most of the time a well placed Skwala will get noticed but for the real picky fish you’ll need to get more specific with your pattern. The entire river is fishing well, even the West Fork has been decent in the afternoons    NOTICE: There is a tree all the way across the river between Applebury and Job Corp. Its been busy out there so play nice, we’re all out there for the same reason....too have fun. 

HOT FLIES -DRIES- #10 -14 Anorexic Chubby Olive #8-12 Anorexic Chubby Peacock #10-14 Anorexic Chubby Purple #10 Egg Drop Skwala #10-12 Rastaman Skwala #10-12 Bullet Head Skwala #12 Half Down Skwala #14 Olive Fat Frank #12-18 Purple Haze #18 Hi Viz BWO #12-16 Brindlechute -NYMPHS- #14-16 Tung Jig PT #14-16 Tung Jig March Brown #14-16 Tung Jig Slim Jim #14-16 Tung JigAssassin #10 Tung Rubber Worm Pink #8-12 Rubber Legs Blk/Coffee #8-10 Skwala Nymph


#6 Sparkle Minnows

#6 Kreelex Minnow

#4-6 Urchin Buggers

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