• Jeff Gray

April 7th Bitterroot Fishing Report

Getting it done on the Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot River has certainly given up some great fishing over the past week. Dry fly eats were plentiful and the skwala hatch is in full swing. We are entering into an unsettled weather pattern for the next few days and it's likely we'll see the river "jump" up. This will be a short (hopefully) period of time and once the river starts dropping, the fishing is generally off the charts good. My personal prediction is we'll have great fishing by mid week. The next 3-4 days are gonna be a little rough, we are forecasting 3/4" of rain in the next 48 hours. This will be our first real bump in our river system so it's gonna stir things up and get the fish going crazy. Later next week the fishing is gonna be GOOD! For now throw your favorite skwala pattern, I'm particular to the Peacock Anorexic Chubby, maybe because it's a pattern that I developed and it works damn well. I'm guessing you'll see a few bobber rigs strung up this weekend and a Pat's stone with a worm hanging off the back can be down right deadly this time of year. A dry dropper isn't a bad option as well, same stuff applies, throw a big skwala and hang a stone fly pattern, worm or heck even a jig headed PT will work. We've been seeing a good number of Drakes and BWO's on the water as well. The fish aren't always interested, but you better have some in you box just in case. Have a safe and fun day on the water.



  • #10 -14 Anorexic Chubby Olive

  • #8-12 Anorexic Chubby Peacock

  • #10-14 Anorexic Chubby Purple

  • #10 Egg Drop Skwala

  • #10-12 Rastaman Skwala

  • #10-12 Bullet Head Skwala

  • #12 Half Down Skwala

  • #14 Olive Fat Frank

  • #12-18 Purple Haze

  • #18 Hi Viz BWO

  • #12-16 Brindlechute


  • #14-16 Tung Jig PT

  • #14-16 Tung Jig March Brown

  • #14-16 Tung Jig Slim Jim

  • #14-16 Tung JigAssassin

  • #10 Tung Rubber Worm Pink

  • #8-12 Rubber Legs Blk/Coffee

  • #8-10 Skwala Nymph


  • #6 Kreelex Gold/ Copper

  • #6 Sparkle Minnow

  • #4 Sculpin “The One”

  • #4 Olive Dungeon

  • #8 Mini Zonker

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