• Jeff Gray

March 29th Bitterroot Fishing Report

What can we say about the fishing on the Bitterroot River? Well for starters it has been pretty darn good! We are seeing a lot of bugs on the water and the fish seem to be taking notice. On any given day you’ll likely see Skwalas, Numoras, Capnias, BWOs, Midges, March Brown and maybe even a Caddis or two. To say the “hatch” has started is an understatement. The entire river is seeing lots of boat traffic and for the most part happy anglers. The mornings seem to start out slow, so a dry dropper has been getting the most attention. After a quick sandwich and a bag of chips it’s dry or die! Look for any structure or slow water to put your bug in. A lot of fish will be out in the foam lanes as well. Keep your eyes on the flows, if we see a significant bump in the flows just let the river settle for a day or two for the best fishing. Be safe on the water and watch out for the occasional snag. 

Flies to use on the Bitterroot River:


#10 -14 Anorexic Chubby Olive

#8-12 Anorexic Chubby Peacock

#10-14 Anorexic Chubby Purple 

#10 Egg Drop Skwala

#10-12 Rastaman Skwala

#10-12 Bullet Head Skwala

#12 Half Down Skwala

#14 Olive Fat Frank

#12-18 Purple Haze

#18 Hi Viz BWO

#12-16 Brindlechute


  • #14-16 Tung Jig PT

  • #14-16 Tung Jig March Brown

  • #14-16 Tung Jig Slim Jim

  • #14-16 Tung JigAssassin 

  • #10 Tung Rubber Worm Pink

  • #8-12 Rubber Legs Blk/Coffee

  • #8-10 Skwala Nymph


  • #6 Kreelex Gold/ Copper

  • #6 Sparkle Minnow

  • #4 Sculpin “The One”

  • #4 Olive Dungeon 

  • #8 Mini Zonker

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