• Jeff Gray

March 15th Fishing Report

With our first real shot of warm weather, the fishing has improved greatly. Yes there are a few Skwalas out and about and a determined angler can certainly get some fish to look up. Things will only improve over the next week or so. For now your best bet is to throw a dry dropper consisting of a good floating skwala pattern followed by a deep dropper nymph such as a Worm, PT or Stone Fly Nymph. Mornings will be almost exclusively underneath. The late afternoons will be your best opportunity for dry fly fishing. You might see a few other bugs out and about, like Numora (Smaller Stone Fly), BWO's and Midges. We have a huge selection of bugs in stock along with all the gear you might need for a day on the water. We'll be on the water every day so if you need an up to the minute report don't hesitate to call the shop.



#10 - 12 Anorexic Chubby - Peacock

#10 - 14 Anorexic Chubby - Purple

#10 - 14 Anorexic Chubby - Olive

#10 Widow's Web Skwala

#12 Half Down Skwala

#8 - 12 Rastaman Skwala

#12 - 16 Delectable Two Tone Chubby Olive

#8 - 12 Bullet Head Skwala

#10 Delectable Secret Skwala

#14 Fat Frank Olive

#10 - 12 Freddie Olive

#18 Para Midge

#18 - 20 Ext Body BWO

#18 Hi Viz BWO Emerger


#10 Rubber Worm Pink

#10 Rubber Worm Red

#8 - 12 Blk/Coffee Rubberleg

#8 - 12 Tan/Coffee Rubberleg

#14 - 16Tung Jig Slim Jim Olive

#14 - 16Tung Jig PT

#20 Tung Midge Red

#20 Tung Midge Black

#18 Tung BWO Redemption

#10 - 12 Skipper Skwala


#6 Copper/Silver Kreelex

#6 Copper/Silver/Gold Kreelex

#6 JJ Sparkle Minnow

#4 Conrad Sculpin Olive

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