• Jeff Gray

March 5th Fishing Report

The Bitterroot River never closes to catch and release fishing for the entire year, but for some, the beginning of March marks the start of the "Fishing Season" here in the Bitterroot Valley. And so it is, on March 1st we fished! Fishing on the River has been decent. Still a nymphing game for sure, but some fish have been spotted eating midges in the warmer pockets. Your best bet is to put on an indicator, go down about 5-6 ft and add a size 8-10 Rubberleg and hang your favorite dropper off the back of it. This has been by far the most effective prospecting. Look for where the water is a bit slower than walking speed. Fish are still pooled up together and once you find one, there is likely more in the same area. With the temps creeping into the upper 40's and maybe even the low 50's there is a possibility we'll see some to water action by weeks end. Most likely it'll be next week before we see any sort of "Hatch". The Skwalas are coming! We are seeing many of them in the shallows next to the shore, just a few more stars have to line up for it to happen. When it does, we will let you know. Be safe out there, be on the look out for new issues in the river.

Here is a list of flies you should have in your fly box for a winter day of fishing on the Bitterroot:

Here's a selection of flies you should have in your box if you plan to fish the Bitterroot this weekend:

NYMPHS: #14-16 Jig Head - Tung Bead PT #14-16 Jig Head - Tung Bead Brush Hog #12-14 Jig Head - Tung Bead Prince #14-16 Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail #8-12 Black and Coffee Rubber Legs #8-12 Tan and Coffee Rubber Legs #16 Shop Vac

$12 Orange Egg Pattern #18 Blue Electric Midge #14-18 Lightening Bug

#10 Tungsten Rubber Worm

DRY FLIES: #16-20 Purple Haze #14-16 Brindle Chute #18 BWO Emerger #20 Parachute Midge STREAMERS: #6 Olive Big Gulp Sculpin #6 Tan Big Gulp Sculpin #4 Olive Circus Peanut #4 Olive Butt Monkey #4 Olive Sex Dungeon #4 Tan Sex Dungeon

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