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January Fishing on the Bitterroot River

Fall Fishing on the Bitterroot

So far this winter has been great for fishing. Small amounts of low land snow and relatively mild temperatures have helped the winter angler and fishing so far this winter has been pretty good. You don't have to look far for open water, the trick is to find where the fish are holding. Look for slower/deeper water to be holding most of the fish. Your offering will have to almost touch their nose for them to eat, so your depth and weight must be just right. Look for the inside bends and tail outs for the best success. Your fly box should be stuffed with winter time offerings, such as rubber legs, worms, any beadhead patterns or the like. Good luck and be safe on the water.

Here is a list of flies you should have in your fly box for a winter day of fishing on the Bitterroot:

NYMPHS: #14-16 Jig Head - Tung Bead PT #14-16 Jig Head - Tung Bead Brush Hog #12-14 Jig Head - Tung Bead Prince #14-16 Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail #8-12 Black and Coffee Rubber Legs #8-12 Tan and Coffee Rubber Legs #16 Shop Vac #18 Blue Electric Midge #14-18 Lightening Bug

#10 Tungsten Rubber Worm

DRY FLIES: #16-20 Purple Haze #14-16 Brindle Chute #18 BWO Emerger #20 Parachute Midge STREAMERS: #6 Olive Big Gulp Sculpin #6 Tan Big Gulp Sculpin #4 Olive Circus Peanut #4 Olive Butt Monkey #4 Olive Sex Dungeon #4 Tan Sex Dungeon

eat,E be sure

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