• Jeff Gray

Fishing for the Holidays

Fishing on the Bitterroot River over the holiday weekend looks to be favorable. With temps in the 40's and even 50's, you'll be able to get out and enjoy the river with little or no traffic. Your best bet is to use an indicator set up consisting of a large stone fly nymph 5 feet from your indicator and follow it up with a small midge pattern or worm offering. Streamers have also been taking fish, focus on the flies that ride deeper in the water column and slow your strip down as well. Don't forget, tributaries of the Bitterroot will CLOSE to fishing on November 30th. Check the regulations HERE if you have any questions.

Want to purchase flies online? Click HERE for a great selection of all the popular patterns.

Flies to use on the Bitterroot River today NYMPHS: #14-16 Jig Head - Tung Bead PT #14-16 Jig Head - Tung Bead Brush Hog #12-14 Jig Head - Tung Bead Prince #14-16 Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail #8-12 Black and Coffee Rubber Legs #8-12 Tan and Coffee Rubber Legs #16 Shop Vac #18 Blue Electric Midge #14-18 Lightening Bug DRY FLIES: #16-20 Purple Haze #14-16 Brindle Chute #18 BWO Emerger #20 Parachute Midge STREAMERS: #6 Olive Big Gulp Sculpin #6 Tan Big Gulp Sculpin #4 Olive Circus Peanut #4 Olive Butt Monkey #4 Olive Sex Dungeon #4 Tan Sex Dungeon

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