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How is the Bitterroot Fishing?

We went from fall to winter pretty quick. It's nice to see the mountains white again after a long dry summer and fall. We hope the forecast is accurate for this coming winter which is predicting above average snowfall. Fishing on the Bitterroot for the foreseeable future will see a big change from a week ago. Gone are the days when you can throw dry flies boat ramp to boat ramp and have exceptional dry fly fishing every afternoon. Now it will be a searching game for sure but with nymphs and streamers. You may still see the occasional rise or sporadic BWO hatch, but your main focus should be on the under water game. Using an indicator followed by 5 ft of tippet to your first bug, such as a rubber leg or SJ Worm and follow it with 18" of tippet to a smaller nymph, will keep an angler busy most of the day. For the streamer fisherman, you want to focus on olives, tans and yellows. Slow your strip down a bit or find warmer pockets of water where the fish will be more willing.

Flies to use on the Bitterroot River today


#14-16 Jig Head - Tung Bead PT

#14-16 Jig Head - Tung Bead Brush Hog

#12-14 Jig Head - Tung Bead Prince

#14-16 Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail

#8-12 Black and Coffee Rubber Legs

#8-12 Tan and Coffee Rubber Legs

#16 Shop Vac

#18 Blue Electric Midge

#14-18 Lightening Bug


#16-20 Purple Haze

#14-16 Brindle Chute

#18 BWO Emerger

#20 Parachute Midge


#6 Olive Big Gulp Sculpin

#6 Tan Big Gulp Sculpin

#4 Olive Circus Peanut

#4 Olive Butt Monkey

#4 Olive Sex Dungeon

#4 Tan Sex Dungeon

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