• Collin Hohman

12/7/20 Bitterroot Fishing Report

Greetings! As the holiday season is in full swing and ice begins to make its presence in the Bitterroot, fishing can still be effective to the dedicated angler. In the recent days, the most success has come from slow swinging streamers and effective nymph rigs. Two nymphs under an indicator with flies such as any stonefly nymph pattern, pats rubber legs, san Juan worms, and perdigon nymphs to get down deeper in some of the slower deeper runs will be effective. Target back eddies and when you are on fish spend some time because they are likely bunched up in the slow deep runs. Streamer wise any preferred pattern should be effective if swung properly. Sculpzilla, sparkle minnow, circus peanut, and mini dungeons are a few of our favorites at the shop. The name of the game with streamers this time of year is resilience and trusting the process. It will take some casting but put and emphasis on targeting the eddies, if floating pull over and take a couple cracks at each pocket. Surely there are fish to be caught in the eddies where food is being moved around and a good place for trout to conserve energy while being able to feast on readily available food. Slower strips and swinging have been most effective for streamer anglers. This time of year, your preferred method will catch fish just a matter of putting in the time and finding the holes where the fish are holding. Stop into the shop to see our new streamer selection. Gift cards are available for purchase for your Christmas needs! Good Luck out there!

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