• Collin Hohman

1/29/2021 Fishing Report

Happy Friday!! As we continue to stock up on new inventory for the up an coming spring fishing season the word "Skwala" seems to be mentioned more and more as the anticipation for the first big stone fly hatch of the 2021 season approaches. In the mean time for the avid angler who is still braving the cold to catch picky trout this weekend should be a great time to get out on the water, whether wading or floating. In the past week we have had several of our guides and shop guys take to the water to catch up on some fishing, as we have had a few days of warmer weather. In the recent days swinging streamers seems to be the most effective as well as nymphing. The name of the game is targeting some of the slower holes where multiple fish are holding. In my most recent floats it has not been uncommon to catch multiple fish per each deeper hole. When floating it is definitely worth pulling over or stealthily working your way into some of the soft water.

Any variety of streamer is worth throwing as well, the most recent luck has come on smaller bugger patterns or anything similar to a balanced leach, letting it get down and slowly bumping it. As far as nymphing goes patterns such as pheasant tails, soft hackles, perdigon, stonefly nymphs, worms, and rubber legs are all producing fairly well. Fish seem to be taking nymphs softly, so whether euro nymphing or indicator fishing any subtle bump or disruption in the line or indicator may be a fish. As the saying goes "hook sets are free" so use them. If you are looking for a day to spend on the water this Sunday looks promising with temperatures in the low 40's. The middle of the afternoon as of late has been when the bite is the best. Stop on in the shop to chat and stock up on our new variety of streamers and nymphs. Enjoy the weekend and happy fishing!

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