Equipment Guide

Q:  Which rod should I bring?

'A: This will vary anything from a 7'6" 3 Weight for the small creeks, to a 9' 8 Weight for throwing big articulated streamers. However, let's break it down a little further.  If I had my choice of 2 rods, it would be a 9' 6 Weight and a 9' 4 Weight.  I would use my 6 weight for throwing big dries, nymph rigs and would still handle a heavy streamer.  My 4 wieght would be a great option for throwing smaller bugs, such as BWO's, Mahoganies and Trico's.


Q: Which reel do I need?

A:  There are many good reels on the market.  One that has a quality drag and is sized appropriately to the rod.  A reel that holds atleast 100 yds of backing will be helpful for those hard fighting runners.


Q:  Should I bring waders?

A:  Waders would be an absolute in the spring and late fall. During the summer months shorts/sandals will be appropriate. However, we occasionally get cold fronts that move through that might suggest waders/boots. Better to bring them and not need them.  Don't have waders? We rent them for a minimal charge.