Fishing Report 9/7/2022

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With the cooler nights and shorter days our water temperature has reached a "safe" level to fish throughout the day with minimal negative impact on the health of the fish. It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway, be mindful of how you handle fish, pinch your barb, play them quickly and keep em wet. 


  • West Fork of the Bitterroot: 210 CFS
  • Upper Bitterroot River: 284 CFS
  • Middle Bitterroot River: 205 CFS
  • Lower Bitterroot River: 458 CFS

Now for the good part, the actual fishing report. A lot of stuff going on right now. Terrestrials, Hecubas and Tricos have all been playing their part. We are starting to see a variety of bugs come off throughout the day, the only prolific hatch is the Tricos.  It's a tough game but can be very rewarding and lasts till about noonish. Then Hoppers, Ants, Beetles or larger Mayflies will finish off the day.  If things are slow and you need to get your rod bent, play a Pats rubberleg, Pink SJ Worm or Jig head tung bead off a larger hopper or chubby. About 3' to your dropper will work well. 


  • Plan B: Pink, Original, Rusty, Tan or Golden, Size 10-14
  • Parachute Adams, P-Haze or Copper Haze, Size 10-16
  • More-or-Less Hopper, Pink or Tan, Size 10-12
  • Two Winged Trico, Size 20-22
  • GT Trico, Size 20-22
  • Drowned Trico, Size 20
  • Tung Bead Jig Nymph, Size 12-16
  • Pats Rubber Leg, Black/Coffee, Size 8-12
  • Tung Bead SJ Worm, Red or Pink, Size 10

The Fly Shop is open every day at 8:00am, stop by and refill your box with the latest and greatest bugs around. Be safe on the water. 

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