April 14th Fishing Report

Posted by Jeff Gray on

Great fishing early in the week followed by a couple days of tough conditions with rapid rising water levels, now back to dropping water levels and the fishing should improve each day. With the long term forecast calling for cold nights and cool days the spring like conditions will continue into the latter part of April and maybe even into May ??? The bugs have been a bit stubborn last couple days but they’re still around and we’ll still see more Skwalas, March Browns and BWO’s as things stabilize. More water in the system has created better floating conditions throughout the entire river. NEW OBSTRUCTIONS may exist so be careful. TUCKER-BELL CROSSING has gotten worse with the high water 😬   Be Careful!   

Streamers: Olives or Dark colors seem to be working the best. sparkle Minnows, yes, mini Sex Dungeons or Drunken Disorderly. 
Nymphs: Standard stuff here. Stone fly nymphs, perdigons, worms even eggs. 
Dries: Plan B’s - variety of colors, Your favorite Skwala pattern, Parachute Adams, Purple Haze, Elk Hair Caddis

Darby CFS: 446 CFS

Bell Crossing: 967 CFS

Missoula: 1640 CFS

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